.I'm short
.I hate Brussels sprouts
.I make neat stuff

I've been involved in the arts all my adult life (and a good part of my childhood too). My first career was in theatre, primarily as an actor but also as a technician/designer, especially in sound. This led to 10 years as a Foley sound artist creating sound for film and television, including programs such as Rick Mercer's satire of the television industry Made in Canada (aka The Industry in the U.S.) for which I received a Gemini nomination for Best Sound, children's award-winning program Poko, Trailer Park Boys, October 1970 and films Blessed Stranger: After Flight 111, Trudeau, and the award-winning Just Buried and The Event to name a few.

During my time in theatre and the film and t.v. biz I also ran my studio, originally called ArtWare, then simply Krista Wells' Studio. My main focus at the beginning was making jewellery but that evolved to the point at which I am now: painting, illustrating, printmaking, sculpting, photographing, making mosaics, and still making jewellery.

Unfortunately in 2007 I developed a rare hearing disorder (hyperacusis/noxacusis) which resulted in me having to give up my career as a Foley artist. Since then I've re-focussed my energy on continuing my exploration of visual arts.

In Paris, doing a quick sketch outside the house where Van Gogh lived with his brother.

Art Lab Studios & Gallery
121 Main St., Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, Canada

Working on a commission in my studio space at Art Lab.

In 2014, I banded together with a group of artists to form Art Lab, a co-op studio and gallery space in beautiful Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. We are right on the Bay of Fundy, home to the highest tides in the world and my studio window looks out on the best view in town. You can check out what's going on at www.artlabstudios.ca.

When I'm not working away at Art Lab, I'm usually travelling or playing music. I play trombone with The Elastic Big Band, a 12 - 18 piece (hey, it's elastic!) swing band as well as with the Bluescale Jazz Trio. And I've recently picked up the ukulele! Life is good!