The history of animal portraiture is a long one. From cave art

of mammoths 13,000 years ago and pets in formal family

portraits in the middle ages (Jan Van Eyck's Arnolfini Portrait

of 1434), to more recent works by Alfred de Dreux

("Pug Dog in an Armchair") and Picasso ("Boy with a Dog",

"A Rooster"), it's clear that animals have held a place of

honour through the ages. The 21st century is no exception.

From the walls of our homes to the wallpaper on our phones,

our pets make an appearance.

Digital photos are plentiful and an easy way to celebrate our

pets. But there's something different about a painting or

drawing. An artist can zero in on the essence of an animal in a

way that a photo often can't. And each artist does so in his or

her own style.

There are many fine artists to choose from. If you're interested

in commissioning me to do a portrait of your beloved companion,

take a good look at my work.

If you like the way I see animals, the colours I use, the style of my

painting or drawing, please get in touch.